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Ever since I can remember, as a little child, what made life so brilliant was my capacity of being amazed at just about everything. The sense of curiosity, of learning, exercising creativity and inspiration, discovering something new every day. All this was something very present in me as a child. Maybe if you try and remember some good memories of your own childhood, you might resonate with that feeling, too. In fact, what brings that sense of amazement in us is the capacity of imagination. A sense of freedom that inspires and can only come when the mind is not bound by pre-concepts, judgement and repetition.


Yes, routine makes life mechanical. But it doesn’t mean YOU have to be, too!


Why do so many people complain about boredom, routine, etc? Because they have lost the capacity of imagining and perceiving something new within their day. In other words, the capacity to let it flow in a new direction. So how can we abandon this type of psychological boredom and step back into the excitement of life?


Exercise creativity: change something in your daily routine


Do you always have the same morning ritual? Always the same way of doing things? Change it! Eat something else for breakfast, or at least set up the plate differently! Go for a walk. Meditate for 20 minutes. Do something different for God sake! You will be surprised to see that every small change brings a sense of novelty, a new perception about your day. A new inspiration that takes you out of your mechanicity and the boredom that comes with it. Allow something new to unfold.


Bring inspiration: practice any kind of art


I don’t think I ever knew anyone who hated Arts in school. Maybe Maths, but not Arts. By the way, I have nothing against Maths! Actually, what makes people to reject a subject is not necessarily the subject itself, but maybe the way in which they were exposed to it. If they never exercised imagination in the process of learning Maths, for instance, but instead, were only forced into memorization and rules, chances are that learning became only a mental torture. After all, we are creative beings and imagination is what puts us in relationship with and helps us to comprehend the universe around us. So art is the perfect subject because it is one of those that, even conceptually, always promotes creativity, self expression. Hence I grew up loving all types of art: drawing, painting (did ceramics painting at 6), ballet, photography, which eventually grew into graphic  and web design. By practicing art, whether using a traditional media or a digital one, we allow our brain to expand, exercising imagination and even helping to develop problem-solving skills. Nowadays there is no excuse for not being able to do something. With so many online courses and tutorials available, there is always something you can quickly pick up just to start, and then let you own inspiration come and take you places.


Let go of fear


Have you ever thought of starting something new but immediately after fell the paralyzing fear of not being able to? Not being good enough? Not knowing enough? Too old for it? Creativity and imagination are the basic driving forces behind everything we do in life.  We have to see ourselves doing whatever we intend to invest our energy in, without the pressure for immediate results and the killer ghost of comparison. I mean, if you are just starting learning to paint, don’t compare your sketches with Leonardo da Vinci. That’s not helpful. So let go of fear / comparison and just enjoy the process, let it unfold before your eyes, be confident. And keep practicing with joy. In the end, if you trust yourself, other people will trust you.


Put yourself out there and live off your inspiration


So you’ve started something, developed your inspiration, and now what? Do you want to make of your passion a way of living? Well, make it happen! You start with your disposition to it. Because challenges will come, that’s part of life. But having the right attitude is the key to success. So once you have started, it’s time to let the world know you’re up for it!


Step one: build your website and start creating content.


If you want to build a business, the first thing you must do is to create a brand and a website so you can be found and start to create a voice. Next, show your audience that you actually love what you do. Why?


It is about creating connections


Because this is what builds trust and an emotional connection between people and a brand, between your client and you. So by creating a blog, for example, you can tell your audience about your own life experiences, give advice, teach, show how you can benefit their lives or businesses with what you offer, etc. In other words, you become a source of inspiration for them.




It’s never too late to start cultivating your imagination and allowing the power of creativity to bring something new and exciting into your life. Show what you’ve got. Make it happen, you can do it. Oh, and if you need some inspiration to start off, please contact us to discuss how we can help you develop your ideas into a brand: we love doing that!