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The real tools that are never out of date are the traditional ones because they are the means to express the creativity we carry ourselves.

Creativity is never old fashioned.

A doctor, a scientist, an artist, a sculptor or a writer, a labour worker or a teacher, a business man or a journalist, they all employ creativity and through it they express what they are.

What tools most contribute to our development, the traditional with its “limitations” or technological with its instant results?

Perhaps, it is in the “limitation of the tools”┬áthat we perfect ourselves. The real creativity is what the individual can contribute with and not what the new app tells him/her how things should be.

For this project I used watercolor. This is a traditional art medium, excellent to communicate and express ideas. Awesome and enjoyable to improve our technique and understanding of form and colors. Also, it adds that extra artistic touch that digital media sometimes lacks. This touch makes the project more personal, more unique and for these reason adds a different type of value to it.



Both media, digital and traditional, have their place an moment of application. Ultimately, traditional media strengthens confidence for the fact we cannot totally control the end result and there is no “undo”. On the other hand, digital media allows us to try different options with no to low risks wich can bring some unpredictable positive solutions. In the end, the artist can learn and benefit from both.